Our Goal

We strive to provide high quality service to our clients at reasonable cost.

Our Commitment

Our professional-purpose and responsibility as lawyers is to serve clients well, consistent with our obligations to the courts and to the justice system. To those ends, in addition to our ethical obligations under the Code of Professional Responsibility (CPR) all lawyers should conform their professional conduct with clients, other parties and their counsel, the courts and the public, in accordance with the following standards.


  1. We will be faithful and loyal to our clients, consistent with our obligations under the Code of professional Responsibility, and will provide clients with objective and independent advice.
  2. We will endeavor to help our clients to achieve their goals in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible.
  3. We will communicate regularly with our clients and will respond promptly and courteously to client communications.
  4. Courtesy and civility are our professional obligations and we will so advise our clients.
  5. We will not engage in dilatory, harassing or abusive tactics and will so advise our clients.
  6. When appropriate, we will urge clients to engage sincerely in settlement discussions with a view to resolving differences without resorting to the courts.
  7. When appropriate, we will advise our clients about the comparative benefits and burdens of traditional litigation and alternative methods of dispute resolution.

Other Parties and their Counsel

  1. Integrity and fair play will characterize our dealings with other lawyers.
  2. We will honor our promises.
  3. We will always be courteous and civil, and keep ill feelings between clients from affecting our relationships and dealings with opposing counsel.
  4. We will never use litigation or litigation tactics or procedures to harass or abuse adverse parties or their counsel.
  5. We will conduct ourselves with dignity in court appearances, depositions, negotiations and other matters, and will not take groundless positions or engage in acts of harassment, rudeness or disrespect.
  6. We will respond promptly to communications from opposing counsel, consistent with the legitimate interests of our client.

Courts and Other Tribunals

  1. We will be both vigorous and courteous as advocates.
  2. We will not commence frivolous litigation nor file frivolous motions or other proceedings.
  3. We will endeavor to reach agreement with opposing counsel on pre-trial matters to reduce cost to our clients and burdens on the courts.
  4. We will be punctual in attendance at all court appearances.